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Welcome to our newly redesigned tropical weather page! This is where you can find all the latest information on tropical systems in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico which may impact the U.S. Sorry, we don't cover systems in the Pacific. Contained on this page is only the basic information about a storm, with the more "in depth" information being omitted. We were forced into this decision, so we could keep up on any severe weather within our coverage region. Even though some products have been omitted, there still is sufficient data and graphical displays to provide the most critical information available.
NOTE: Since tropical storms and hurricanes occur on a seasonal basis, this page will appear on our website starting on June 1st. It will be unavailable once the season ends November 30th.

NOTICE: All data and information found on this page should NOT be used or relied upon as a substitute for official information which is provided by NOAA/National Weather Service/National Hurricane Center. Likewise, no data or other information found on this page shall be copied, transcribed, duplicated, or transmitted in any way either by electrical or mechanical means, without exclusive written permission from our office. Offenders will be prosecuted!
Also, if it appears a storm being tracked will not pose a threat to the U.S. coastal areas, it will no longer be tracked by our office. However, it's current positions will still appear on the main graphic below.

The following table contains the latest text data of the current system(s). For the complete text bulletin, click on the "text" link next to the name.

Storm Current Position Winds Movement Pressure Date Time of report


Here is a graphical depiction of all active systems within the Atlantic basin. This graphic will update every six (6) hours, or as necessary. The thumb nail images below the large graphic pertain to the "current" storm only. If more than one (1) storm is active, additional thumbnails will appear below the main storm.

Watches/Warnings Current Position
Forecast Track Track Errors Current Recon Data

Be Hurricane Ready!

This sections monitors tropical wave systems which have the potential to develop into a tropical depression or even a storm soon. Such systems are refered to as invest or "investigated" meaning they are being closely monitored for further development. NOTICE! Invest data will not be available until further notice. Apparently, the WPC or Weather Prediction Center has made the invest data unavailable for some reason. Once we can locate an alternate site for data, this information will then be made available here.
Click thumbnail image for larger view.
None None None

SEA-SURFACE TEMPERATURE PLOTS Click image for larger view.

The following table will show all hurricanes which achieve category three(3) status or higher for this season. Storms which do not reach category 3 status will not appear in this table.


If you need additional data, statistics, or other relevant information about tropical storms and hurricanes, please visit the NHC or National Hurricane Center.