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The following represents our company's policy regarding all of our products and/or services we may offer you, as(our client or customer). Make sure you that you fully understand the following:

ATTENTION! The following constitutes agreement on your behalf of the following provisions for usage of any product and/or services which you wish to use. You MUST agree with these provisions(disclaimer) in order to use our products and/or services! If you do not agree with the following, you will not be allowed usage of our products.

1)..Midwest Weather Service provides the foregoing information as a public service. This information is published automatically and cannot be guaranteed as to accuracy or timeliness. This information depends on a number of items, including internet availability, communications networks, computer equipment and weather reporting hardware and software to name a few. Many of these things are beyond the control of Midwest Weather Service and difficult to predict.

2)..Weather conditions change rapidly. Those relying on the foregoing information do so at their own risk, and neither Midwest Weather Service, our affiliates, our clients, third party content providers nor any of our employees or agents shall be liable for either the accuracy of this information or any actions taken in reliance thereon. Further...

a. Midwest Weather Service does not provide any content that is harmful to children.
b. Midwest Weather Service does not provide visitor's personal information, if any was collected, to any third party.
c. Midwest Weather Service does not sell any of our products or services, except where explicity noted on this site. Likewise, we do not obtain and sell products or services from other vendors.
d. Midwest Weather Service incorporates the use of links to other web sites. Our office staff does not endorse nor oppose any information contained on those web sites. Such links are provided because we feel they might be of interest to you.

3)...Midwest Weather Service also provides a page with historical data and graphics. Such information is published electronically, and no guarantee is made as to completeness or accuracy. All data is assumed to be valid as posted. You use this information "as-is", and at your own risk.

4)...Midwest Weather Service Storm Center prepares and displays numerous text and chart graphics to our web site several times per day, each day saving for the weekends and major holidays. Such information and graphics are published electronically, and no guarantee is made as to their completeness or accuracy. All this information is assumed valid as posted to our site.

5)...Midwest Weather Service operates it's servers 24/7 to keep everyone fully updated on any impending severe weather. However, we cannot guarantee our servers 100% uptime, since malfunctions may occur, or updates/upgrades to the servers may be required. In such cases, the data on our web site may become outdated, and we cannot be held liable for such outdated data. You use this data "at your own risk".

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via the web.

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