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This is our redesigned page which contains many enhancements and updates we know you will enjoy! All the changes and enhancements are to make finding the information, data, and forecasts much more "user friendly", and easier to find. As before, you will find links to all our forecast products, as well as key safety rules, and other important information. We hope you will find what you need here, but should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

The products we produce everyday!

Current Convective Outlook (Day 1)
Forecaster: Brooks
Issued: 21/1546Z
Valid: 21/1200Z - 22/1200Z
Forecast Risk of Severe Storms: No risk
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1600 UTC Day 1 Outlook
Latest Convective Outlook (Day 2)
Forecaster: Musher
Issued: 21/1828Z
Valid: 22/1200Z - 23/1200Z
Forecast Risk of Severe Storms: Limited
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0112 UTC Day 2 Outlook
Latest Convective Outlook (Day 3)
Forecaster: Musher
Issued: 21/1324Z
Valid: 23/1200Z - 24/1200Z
Forecast Risk of Severe Storms: None
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1344 UTC Day 3 Outlook
Heavy Rainfall/Flood Outlook{Event Driven}
Forecaster: --
Issued: XX/XXXXZ
Forecast risk of flood/flash flooding: No flood or flash flooding expected
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Heavy Rainfall Outlook
General {non-severe} thunderstorm outlook
Forecaster: Brooks/Hall
Issued: 21/1603Z
Valid: 21/17Z - 27/22Z
This outlook describes the potential for thunderstorms anywhere across the coverage region. It is broken down into specified periods of time. The thunderstorm potential is expressed as a "percentage" for an area. See graphic.
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General thunderstorm outlook
Marine Weather Information/Outlooks
Issued: 1447Z
Valid: 27/15Z - 27/21Z
This product contains critical information for boaters, mariners, and shipping captains relating to any potentially hazardous convective weather development. You can also find safety information, the types of hazards, any headlines issued, and more! Check it out!
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Marine Weather


Note: This image is not clickable. It is updated every 5 minutes when severe weather is expected, or is occurring.


Shown below are various severe weather meters which shows what elements of severe weather are expected, along with a categorical risk meter. Next to these we also have our "new" Tornado Potential Index meter. This meter expresses the overall chances of having a tornado (of any intensity) occurring within 50 miles of a given location or point.

You can learn more about our new "tornado potential index" by clicking this link.

Current Categorical Outlook

Current Tornado Potential Index

Current Large Dimeter Hail Potnetial

Severe Weather Impacts

Current Damaging Wind Potential


Shown below is the current Doppler radar and GOES satellite information and data. All data and images are © 2018 SSEC in Madison Wisconsin, and COD Meteorology in DuPage Illinois. Click the image of choice to see the latest loop data.



VERY IMPORTANT! Midwest Weather Service is a small private establishment created for the sole purpose of severe local storm prediction and forecast services for our clinets. We are in no way affiliate with, or have any ties with NOAA, it's National Weather Service, or Storm Prediction Center. Our products are released for the coverage region we serve, and originate from, and are disseminated by our Storm Center.

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