How much do you know about where safe shelter is?
In today's high paced society, there are still many of us out there who don't really know where to go for safety when severe thunderstorms, or even a tornado bears down on them. They tend to look the other way, and minimize the threat by saying things like - "Don't worry, that storm won't hit us. It will die out before it gets here". "Who cares about watches and warnings anyway? These are not good assumptions to make or rely on during a severe weather threat. People need to know the facts, and that's why we developed safety rules.

The suggestions given here are merely that - suggestions! It is important to evaluate your specific home and place of work to determine exactly where the safest spot is. The information presented here is simply meant as a guideline to help you decide where you should go the next time severe weather threatens. In some cases, such as schools, hospitals, and some other public places, the actual places for the best safety may be different from that shown by our examples. This may be due to the way the building was constructed, and it's interior layout. But, in general, it is the same for all situations.
The table that appears below provides links to various places where safe shelter may be located. To find out where safe shelter areas are located, just click on the link to a place. Remember, this is not some sort of quiz or test, so there is no "pass" or "fail". The correct shelter area for each place will be highlighted with blue text, while incorrect areas will be highlighted with red text.

Homes with basements Homes without basements
Two story home with basements Two story home without basements
Mobile homes Vehicles
factories Schools
Tall buildings Hospitals/Nursing homes
Shopping centers/Malls

Mission and Vision Statement

Mission (Why we are here): To help save lives and mitigate property loss, and assist in improving economic efficiency by providing top quality and highly accurate products which deals with severe local storms and the analysis and predictions of these events. We are helping to increase public awareness of such events through outreach programs.
Vision (What we hope to achieve): To be our coverage region's calm, clear and trusted source for severe weather information -- even during the storm! Together with the NWS and our other partners, help enable communities to be safe from tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.

If you want more information about severe weather, just call or write to the National Weather Service in Green Bay.


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