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Radar and Satellite Data!

The current day and time is:

This is our Doppler radar and GOES satellite data page. On this page, you will find the very latest radar and satellite loops, both local and regional. Also available is a regional radar mosiac, and infarad and water vapor loops. From time to time, we also feature (on the local reflectivity loops), our exclusive "Storm Vipor" tracking system. We use this tool to help track the most dangerous thunderstorms in the area. Should you have any questions about this page, or it's contents, feel free to contact us.

Base Reflectivity Base Velocity S.R. Velocity Rainfall Estimate
Base Reflectivity
Base Velocity
Storm Relative Velocity
Rainfall Accumulation Estimate

Regional mosaic. Note: Please allow time for images to download on slower systems.

Visible Loop Infared Loop Water Vapor Loop
Visible Image
IR Image
Water Vapor Image

Here is another source of both visible and infared satellite loops.

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