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Welcome to our exclusive online severe weather safety quiz! This quiz is the result of an intense research effort launched in April of 1998, by two of our lead meteorologists. This research was done to "poll" the average person in the general public about what they knew about severe weather safety. The results were staggering, and they knew something had to be done to help spread the word and educate people about this topic. As a result, they created the following quiz. This quiz is based solely on severe weather safety related issues, and to allow you to find out what you really know about this. Keep in mind, this quiz will not be seen by anyone, only yourself. Our staff won't even know who took the quiz, so we will not be grading it. Please do not feel badly or offended if this is your very first time taking the quiz, and you score low. Many people will. Again, the purpose for this quiz is only so you can find out what you know about severe weather safety, nothing else. So feel free to give the quiz a whirl, and see what you know. If you need to study up or review severe weather safety, we have a page where you can do that too. Give it a try!

Our Severe Weather Safety Quiz

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To begin the quiz, just hit the "next question" button. Remember, only use lower case letters in your responses, and not upper case letters. Don't spend too much time on any one item. After you type in your response to a question, click the button "Check Current Answer". This will show you how well you are doing. GOOD LUCK!

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