Welcome to our all new and completely revised addition of our exclusive in house severe weather safety quiz. This test is the result of a survey conducted by two of our forecasters back in 2008. We wanted to find out what the "average" person knew, or didn't know about severe weather safety. The results of that survey were very shocking to say the least, and they knew that we needed to create a way for everyone to find out what they know, or don't know. This quiz is the answer. This quiz is only to find out what you really know about safety during severe weather. It is "not" a "pass" or "fail" test! Only you will see your results, and no-one else, not even any of staff will ever know you even took the quiz. Don't feel bad if you score poorly for the first time. Many people do. Their are extensive pages on our web site where you can get information about severe weather safety, so don't sweat it!
Feel free to try the quiz and find out what you know. There is no time limit, but don't spend too much time on any one item. GOOD LUCK!
Our Severe Weather Safety Quiz (Update version)
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