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Welcome to our newly redesigned home page. We did have one created which we believed was the "right" design, but then decided we could make it better, and here it is. We hope you enjoy the improvements we made. This home page really was a huge work in progress, and we think you will find it much more user friendly. Midwest Weather Service is a small tight-nit office which specializes in severe local storm prediction. We serve only a handful of states which make up a bit of the upper Mississippl valley and western Great Lakes area. We refer to this area as our "coverage region". Within our office, we have a primary operations area where our staff of skilled and experienced meteorologists issue a suite of products for everyone from clients we serve, to the public, to mariners and boaters of lakes Superior and Michigan (sorry, inland lakes and rivers are covered in seperate products issued by the National Weather Service). This operations area is called our "Storm Center". It is nerve center for about 95% of the products we issue. Now in our 18th year since we started back in 1996, our office has been recognized as a leader in the business of severe weather prediction, we are certainly proud of that! So feel free to browse around and see what we do, and how it's done.


This is the latest severe weather outlook issued. It is updated several times so that you receive the very latest updates and trends.


This is the latest day 2 severe weather outlook. It is updated twice per day to keep you on top of the latest developments.


This is the current day 3 severe weather outlook. It is primarily issued once per day, unless it is necessary to revise it.


This is the latest heavy rainfall and flood potential outlook. When conditions exist, this outlook is kept fully updated every six (6) hours.

We have a forecast product for you!

We offer a full suite of forecast products from warm season severe weather outlooks, to cold season winter storm information, to specialized outlooks for 2 of our great lakes. Check them out!


There are numerous tools we use at our Storm Center in preparing our suite of outlook products. These shown below are just a few of the tools we use.
Sounding Data Upper Air Data Surface Data Model Guidance Data
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VERY IMPORTANT! Midwest Weather Service is a small private establishment created for the sole purpose of severe local storm prediction and forecast services for our clinets. We are in no way affiliate with, or have any ties with NOAA, it's National Weather Service, or Storm Prediction Center. Our products are released for the coverage region we serve, and originate from, and are disseminated by our Storm Center.

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