Severe Weather Probabilities Day 1

This is the "Enhanced Data" section to the day 1 outlook. This page contains additional technical data being sent along with each outlook that is issued. This information will be updated as necessary to correspond with the latest outlook product. All data on this page is valid for the time period specified. If a "PDS" situation is expected, such information will also be indicated here. But only during those times!

This data is valid: 141600Z - 151200Z

Probability of 3 or more tornadoes (EF0-EF2 Intensity): 00 % Maximum hail size (inches): 0.0"
Probability of 12 or more damaging wind events: 00 % Extreme turbulence and suface wind gusts: 00 Knots
Probability of 12 or more severe hail events: 00 % A few cumulonimbi with maximum tops to (X-100's feet): 000
Probability of 8 or more combined severe hail and wind events: 00 % Mean storm motion vector (degrees and knots): XXX/YY

The table below will be used only when a major severe weather outbreak is expected which would render the event a "Particularly Dangerous Situation, or PDS" for short.

Particularly Dangerous Situation (Yes or No): No
Probability of 6 or more strong to violent tornadoes (EF3-EF5 Intensity): 00 %
Probability of 8 or more significant damaging wind events (>= 80 knots): 00 %
Probability of 8 or more significant large hail events (>= 3 inches): 00 %

Please refer to the new severe weather alert page for the latest information.

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