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You have arrived on our "Critical Weather Situation Center" page. On this page we feature special information about areas being monitored for a possible watch issuance by SPC, as well as critical severe weather events, such as Derecho events, or widespread violent tornado outbreaks. Such areas will appear on the graphic (below). You may then click those areas marked, and be taken to a discussion page with more information about the event(s) expected. This page will be used for any situations where the previously used mesoscale discussions were issued. The discussion links will also appear below the map on the left, and will be numbered sequentially. Links will also be provided in the outlook text area as well.
Note: This product replaces the legacy "mesoscale discussions" previously used for this purpose.

Latest Areas of Concern


All interests in the highlighted areas should continue to closely follow up with the latest weather information from your favorite media sources. This area is being closely monitored for a possible severe thunderstorm or tornado watch from SPC. This would also be a good time to review your basic severe weather safety plans. All local Government and other agencies are also closely monitoring this unfolding weather situation. Be ready to act quickly if a warning is issued! Additional information is found in the latest discussion issued below.

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  9. Situation report #09
  10. Situation report #10

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